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Terms & Conditions

Definitions and Interpretation

In the following conditions ‘The Contractor’ shall mean the principle contractor or main contractor as recorded in the
Contract and ‘The Subcontractor’ shall mean: PC Contracting Ltd, company number 04216980,
registered address: 9 Cheam Road, Epsom, England, KT17 1SP . 'services' shall mean the items recorded in the Order Form purchased by The Contractor from The Subcontractor. 'Works' shall mean the delivery and installation of the services in the agreed location. 'The operative' shall mean the worker appointed by The Subcontractor to carry out works.


The Contract

We have have allowed for all works as identified on the specification and drawings only.  Any items required that aren't clear from the drawings and specification schedule are not included in our quotation.  If in doubt please ask us for clarification to which we will confirm the item as included, excluded or cost to follow.


By acceptance of the quotation the Contractor agrees to purchase and the Subcontractor agrees to sell the
services at the price stated. Paying the deposit means the Contractor has read and accepted the Subcontractor General Terms and Conditions. The acceptance of this document, Order Form and technical drawings Approval Form can be confirmed via email instead of physically signing these documents.


In the interest of continued improvements of its services and methods the Subcontractor reserves the right to
change the methods of installation and specifications of materials without notice provided that such
changes match or exceed the quality of items being replaced.


Programme and Delivery

The Subcontractor will advise the Contractor of the confirmed installation date (usually by email or telephone
call) after final technical drawings are confirmed and any agreed deposis are received. Scheduled delivery or
installation dates may be amended by the Subcontractor for operational or other reasons. In this event revised
dates will be agreed with the Contractor. If the Contractor needs to change a confirmed installation date
such change must be notified to the Subcontractor at least ten days prior to such date as failure to do so may
result in the charging the Contractor for a lost working days, which is £500.00 per day. In this case, however the
Subcontractor might not be able to guarantee the installation on the date proposed by the Contractor and will provide alternative options.


The Subcontractor usually requires at least 7 to 14 days for a lead in period. But for some projects, the
estimate production time can be extended. In case of delay the Subcontractor will notify the Contractor and
adjust the dates accordingly.  Additionally, if at all possible we will assist wherever we can in improving on the lead in time in urgent and emergency situations.


The Subcontractor will advise the Contractor with the approximate duration of the installation period. However, due to the nature of construction works the Subcontractor is not able to guarantee that the project will be
finished within the time frame which was previously confirmed with Contractor. The Subcontractor might need
additional materials and time to finish the project in case of unexpected difficulties. In this case we still
guarantee the project will be completed, however not able to offer any discounts in case of delays.


Dimensions indicated on any attached drawings are a close approximation, but may need to be adjusted
during the works. Any critical dimensions or areas should be advised by the Contractor and highlighted clearly and obviously on the drawing.


The Subcontractor shall not be responsible for delays to installation caused by industrial action or major
weather or public order events or other force majeure events.


Tender Price

The Contractor accepts that the quotation price is based upon clear access to the space. It is the
responsibility of the Contractor to provide a clear area for the operative to complete the works on the date
agreed. In the event that clear access is not provided the Subcontractor reserves the right to refuse to carry out
the works and to charge the Contractor for the lost working day (£500.00) per person. If the operative agrees to move any
items of whatever nature in order to access the area of works (which he is not obliged to do) neither the
Subcontractor nor the operative will be liable for any damage to such items or the area in which they are located and
/ or moved to.


Upon acceptance of the quotation, we require a non-refundable deposit specifically as agreed with the relevant Director prior to order placement. Once deposit payment is received the Subcontractor will proceed with the final measurements visit during which the Contractor will be able to make a final confirmation of materials and technician will take the exact measurements of the space and proceed to order of materials and allocation of labour.


The final contract price plus all extras and charges shall become due and payable
immediately after completion of the works.


Property of the services shall not pass to the Contractor until the outstanding amount is paid in full. The
Contractor authorises the Subcontractor to enter their premises and remove the services should final payment be
delayed for more than 14 days from completion of the works and the Subcontractor reserves the right to charge
the Contractor for the cost of such removal.


The operative usually arrive between 8am and 10am. In case of delays (due to road traffic, weather
conditions or other reason) the operative will call the Contractor to inform about this delay.


The Contractor agrees that the Subcontractor can make photos of the ordered and installed services. These
photos can be published online by the Subcontractor for promotion and marketing purposes.


This document contains the entire terms of this agreement and no supplementary terms shall be
admissible unless agreed in writing between the Contractor and the Subcontractor. This agreement is subject to
the law of England and Wales.

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